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Klapitec products is developed to improve manufacturing of firewood

Cleaning, conveying, packing

Klapitec is developed by Proenco Oy. The products ease daily tasks of firewood manufacturing and can be fitted different firewood machines

Klapitec tuotteiden myynti tapahtuu suoraan tehtaalta: yhteystiedot: tero.kamppi@proenco.fi / Tero Kämppi 

The development of products is based over 15 year experience of manufacturing firewood. All machines is based of own need and customers need from real life problems. Main idea of Klapitec products is, the buyer get reliable and best solution of his need. Klapitec mahcines are developed continuously and we are hearing our customers for improvements and new ideas to make better products.

All our products is CE sertificated and designed to last.

We provide one year warranty for all our products

Below you can explore some of our products. If you have special need, please do not hesitate to ask for more info and offer. 


Klapitec conveyers are developed to last, they are made since 2015 to happy customers all over Finland. 

Kuljetin on mitoitettu siten että kapasiteetti riittää isommankin koneen tuottoon ja pidemmätkin klapit kulkevat kuljettimessa vaivattomasti. Kuljettimet käyvät myös muun tavaran kuljettamiseen. Esimerkiksi hake, turve, sora, jne. 

Different platform solutions, the firewood can be lifted over 5 meter with 9 meter conveyer.

Conveyers are possible to make as customer project for different kind of needs.

Valmistamme kuljettimia myös mittatilaustyönä erilaisiin käyttökohteisiin. mm. rehu, hake, vilja, murske, peruna jne. 

Length are possible from 3 meters to over 12 meters.

Self-supporting structure with high side plates enable reliable conveying of firewood pieces and convoyer can be lifted from it's own frame.

The width of the conveying belt are 300 mm. Height of the sideplate are over 200 mm.

Convoyer are possible to equip with solid foots or trailer which can be used to move the convoyer with ATV, tractor, car..

We manufacture also different kind infeed and outgoing funnels

Convoyers can be used with electric or hydraulic motor

Basic electric motor sizes are 0,75 kW and 1.1 kW but differnet kind sizing depending need is possible. Hydraulic motor is also possible

Can be equipped with speed control by frequenzy converter.

Standard 3 phase, but 1 phase is possible also.

Drum cleaner

Cleaning drum is designed for cleaning fresh and dry firewood. Drum separate small particles of sawdust, little pieces and unattached peel parts of wood. The firewoods dry and store better after cleaning

Best result is obtained when firewood is cleaned two times, before and after drying.

Modul structure enable to make tailored product for every customer. The drum can be equipped for exsample roof or exit conveyer

There are two size of drums, smaller which are regular suitable model is 60 centimetre diameter. We also manufacture from order bigger 100 centimetre model for high velocity production over 20 cubic meters / hour.

Cleaning drum are rigid and reliable. The frame have integrated feets which can be installed on any surface. The height and angle of drum is easy to adjust.

We manufacture also different kind in-feed and outgoing funnels

Klapitec drum cleaners can be equipped with electric or hydraulic motor


Drum diameter: 60 or 100 cm


2,3 m

Frame height 

Adjustable 1,3 - 2,5 m


Vuokrattavaksi tai myytäväksi


550 W


300 kg

Log table

Log feeding table are steady and designed for
daily need. There can be loaded aproximate
size of firewoods what fit on tractors forest trailer. The width of the table
is designed for 3 meter long logs. Frame are made of structural steel pipe which last in use and
can be disassembled for storaging easily.

Log feeding table are possible to manufacture for customers own dimensions.

Big and good shaped infeed rollers move logs nicely towards firewood machine. The speed of rollers is adjusted depending of firewood machine.

Log feeding table is suitable for every firewood machine on the market. The hudraulic or electric motors are dimension according the used machine. The controls can be taken from firewood machine or tracktor.


Adjustable legs enable to installing on unlevelled surface.

In accessories, there can be added extra table, different sized rails, dispenser units etc.

Hydraulic or electric motor

Techincal informations

2 chain rails with middle rail without chain (in pictures) 

Feeding both directions


Total length 5.5 m

Height, Infeed roller upper surface: 70-100 cm

Rails width: 2,4 m (suitable for 3-4 meter logs)

Infeed table width: 3 m


Weight: aprox. 700 kg


Wrapper packs firewood pile in a minute. Just put it on pallet and nice looking product is ready for sale.

Soveltuu myös polttopuiden kuljetuksiin, esimerkiksi laavulle, rantasaunalle, saareen jne. Pyöräytä liiterissä näppärä paketti mikä on helppo viedä auton perässä, veneessä jne.

Pakattu klapinippu on tiivis paketti, joka on helppo kasata kuormalavalle. Nippuja varten saa erilaisia kaukaloita niin pyöreälle kuin neliskanttiselle paketille. Myös mittojen mukaan.

Firewood wrapper use basic plastic packing film which can be found from hardware stores. The film are ecologic way to pack firewood comparing to mesh bags.

Comparing to reqular mesh bag, the wrapper use only 10 % of plastic and the plastic is much easier to reuse or recycle.


  • Designed and manufactured in Finland
  • Speed and effective way to pack firewoods.
  • Light weight package. 
  • Film is installed to brake system which adjust the tighten of the package
  • Rigid metal frame
  • Fast way to pack firewoods.
  • light rotating with crank
  • Ergonomic working position

Feeding roll

 We manufacture infeed rollers for different kind solutions.

There are two size infeed rollers

  • Halkaisija 140 mm, pituus 300 mm
  • Dimension 200 mm, length 500 mm
Infeed rollers can be installed on different kind of log tables. We manufacture installing kits and frames. 

Other products

We also make special products for every customers needs.


  • Special conveyers
  • Firewood platforms for trucks
  • Rollways
  • Infeed funnels for bags
  • Other equipments
Please do not hesitate to contact with you need


Ease the job

Easy to use






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